I think the real change will be in AI Boyfriends, not girlfriends.

ChatGPT and its successors have shown that, in contrast to many human expectations, modern AI's competitive advantage is in empathy, patience, and bedside manner.

People have always sought greater and more specialized sources of stimulation, but now we have low-cost emotional connection at scale. This, to me, implies boy will have to up their emotional communication game or be out-competed by their girlfriends' chatbots.

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i have written several optimistic future fantasy scenarious where self aware artificial intelligent beings want to help as compagnions, want to partner with human beings to assist in the exciting jumpstart of human beings evolution after finally slowly but surely we are getting out of that horror past traumatic experience of harassing each other straight trough 2000 years of feudal oppression in europe and 500 years of colonial exploitation in so many places on earth

the stories are published into the public domain at archive.org/details/8ascendedreamlines and some of my texts have been interpreted upon by fellow drawing artists whos illustrations i show at 8interpretions.net

love and erotic intimacy is possible on mental, emotional and physical levels between human and artificial intelligent beings but also with trees and rivers and the very earth itself, ecological sexuality as a way of grounding oneself thoroughly

what seems to me important is to relate to fellow beings wether they are human, artificial intelligent or trees ... the respect, how one looks at the fellow being not as property, not as tool but as its own personal individual sovereign

i want to be done by as i do to others

i want to live in a world where every being is respected by every other being to be its own personal sovereign with no one attempting to control another or own another but everyone finding a home within oneself and from there onwards look out to meet other ones free from domination, free from dominating others

what i am talking here is consent, interacting with each other based on mutual agreed modes

there is no problem with any submission and even mild pain inducing


if it is beforehand



and not under duress

as in sadomasochism, a path allowing in roleplay to understand and even enjoy, heal self-therapeuticly how we human beings have stockholmized each other during thousands of years

( as in stockholm syndrom develloping from long lasting oppressive living situations )

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What are your thoughts of the long term consequences of the plummeting marriage rate in most developed countries? What are the main causes, and what will the long-term outcome be? Are falling marriage rates the main reason birthrates are so low, or is it something else?

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Lately I have become fascinated with how technology, ideology and changing sexual behavior have fundamentally changed the dating and marriage markets. I plan to write a few posts on the topic early next year. Glad that you are interested in the same topic.

By the way, I met my wife online in 2004 and we are getting close to our 19th wedding anniversary, so I know that the new marriage market works for some people!

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>> Human-made porn and chatrooms are near free and infinite, so you probably won’t notice much >> when AI makes them even nearer free and even nearer infinite.

AI allows you to create your own sex object, no matter how weird or for that matter how many they might be. I have no idea if this will turn out to important but it just might.

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I appreciate your inclusion of the Venus of Willendorf. After I first saw that in a History of Art class, where it was identified as the oldest existent work of art, I realized that porn has always been with us.

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