Interesting post! Note there is some debate about the claim that a econ bloggers out perform world governments. https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/woCPxs8GxE7H35zzK/noting-an-error-in-inadequate-equilibria

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Agreed that it proves that they *can*, but it doesn't prove that giant slow idiots *will* rule over arbitrarily fast information processing systems, or even that that's the way to bet.

Whales do not usually get their way over human beings, however large and bad at thinking they are. The only reason that there are still whales is because humans value the existence of whales.

And the bringing into existence of even a small number of humans on a virgin planet would doom almost all the existing animals. Give it a few thousand years, and nothing will be left except the things that humans value.

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Oct 12, 2023·edited Oct 12, 2023

Orginizations aren't purely subhuman. They have big advantages in quantity of thought. If large numbers of individually fairly smart, somewhat coordinated people are working roughly together, they can do things than one person on their own can't do.

Also, a big reason organizations exist is that humans choose to let them. Because the organizations were created to serve human goals, and often do so.

They are literally what happens when a bunch of humans try to work together towards a common goal.

If corporations and chimps are both "subhuman intelligence's", why do we feel the need to protect the chimps from the corporations, not the other way around?

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